The Name

The 1839 collection celebrates Richardson Sheffield’s expertise and heritage by returning knife design and manufacturing to the heart of the steel industry. Each knife in this luxury range has been 100% made in Sheffield by master craftsmen, and hand finished to exacting quality standards. Named after the year that Richardson Sheffield first began manufacturing knives in Sheffield, the 1839 collection celebrates the craftsmanship of the past, and helps to ensure that knife making in Sheffield is kept alive and well for the future.

The Blade

The blade on each 1839 knife is made from Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium (MoV) High Carbon Stainless Steel. The MoV in the steel enhances the knife's stain resistantance, while the High Carbon content provides a much harder and stronger blade. The extra carbon also gives longer lasting resilience to dulling, as carbon gives the steel a harder finish.

All Knives are measured with a Rockwell Hardness Rating. The higher the Rockwell Hardness number, the harder the material. The British Standard for knives is a rating of 52HRC (or 48HRC on serrated blades). The 1839 range are all 55HRC which is achieved by adding more carbon to the blade and then ice cooling the steel after the initial heat treatment during the manufacturing process.

A Precision Taper Ground Blade is the highest specification type of blade on the market, and as the name suggests; is tapered from the top of the blade spine to the edge. This gives the finest edge possible, allowing the blade to glide through food with ease and with little pull.

The Handle

A full stainless steel tang blade runs the full length of the handle for exceptional strength, resilience and control. The two halves of the handle are then held tightly in place with small rivets that match the angle of the blade. The traditional rivet design pays homage to the traditional style that is the classic trademark of Sheffield knife makers. An aluminium bolster creates a useful finger guard, whilst providing a centre of balance and strength.

Each 1839 knife has a luxury Rosewood handle, a distinctive and richly hued timber with a beautiful grain, each one as unique as the cut of wood. Each handle has been naturally sculpted to be beautiful to hold and to gain it's own individual patina over the years.


The 1839 range comes with a 30 year guarantee against manufacturing defaults. That’s how confident we are in the quality. If something doesn’t come up to scratch then we’ll gladly change it, but we’re not expecting to hear from you any time soon! In the unlikely event that you do find fault with the workmanship or the materials within the guarantee period, Richardson Sheffield promise to repair or replace it free of charge