Midori Knives

The Name

Midori comes from the Japanese word for green. Chosen of course, because of the beautiful green hue in its distinctive Micarta handle. Each Midori knife comes with it's own individual luxury wooden case.

The Blade

The Midori range of knives are hand crafted from 67 layers of Japanese VG-10 Damascus Steel. VG-10 is a unique steel formulation with a high carbon content to retain it's cutting edge and corrosion resistantance. The 'G' in VG-10 stands for Gold and in Japan represents the finest grade stainless steel that is used in traditional Damascus blades.

Damascus Steel has been used since Medieval times by sword makers for it's legendary sharpness and is in fact the steel that Samurai Swords were made from. If you look closely at the beautiful grain on the blade, you'll see it's mesmerising and unmistakable 'Damascus' effect which gives the blade exceptional hardness and durability. Production of Damascus steel begins with 'Pattern Welding' which consists of two carbon type steels (one low carbon and one high carbon) being welded together. This piece of joined steel is then heated, folded, and re-forged. This process is then repeated until the required specification is reached. As each layer is folded, it is yet again flattened under a high heat. For Midori, this means that this process happens 67 times to achieve 67 layers. This folding creates an incredibly strong blade that retains it's elasticity and also creates the abstract markings on the blade, showing details of the different layers.

All Knives are measured with a Rockwell Hardness Rating. The higher the Rockwell Hardness number, the harder the material. The British Standard for knives is a rating of 52HRC (or 48HRC on serrated blades). The Midori range are all 60HRC due to the hard nature of Damascus steel.

A Precision Taper Ground Blade is the highest specification type of blade on the market, and as the name suggests; is tapered from the top of the blade spine to the edge. This gives the finest edge possible, allowing the blade to glide through food with ease and with little pull.

The Handle

The Midori knives all have a Micarta handle. Micarta handles are the hardest and most durable handles that can be produced. Micarta is a type of plastic produced from laying strips of linen coated with an epoxy resin, and then building up to a size level which can then be shaped to the desired handle required. As a handle, it is extremely tough and will not scratch or dull in colour. The finishing process of shaping the handle, by sanding the surface, creates the markings which resemble wood grain - these are in fact the layers of linen. The wood effect handle echoes the wood that was originally used in Japanese knives years ago.


All Midori knives come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defaults. That’s how confident we are in the quality. If something doesn’t come up to scratch then we’ll gladly change it, but we’re not expecting to hear from you any time soon! In the unlikely event that you do find fault with the workmanship or the materials, Richardson Sheffield promise to repair or replace it free of charge.

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