Zenith Ceramic Knives

The Name

Named after the point at which something is most powerful or successful, our Zenith Ceramic Knives truly are the peak of cutting perfection.

The Blade

Lightweight and ultra sharp, these knives slices with real ease and precision. The unique qualities of the ceramic ensure the blades retain their sharpness and keep their ice white appearance for longer than steel knives. With eye catching optic patterns inspired by their sharpness, each blade is fashionably different.

The Handle

Ergonomically designed soft touch handles are supremely comfortable and ensure a secure grip even when wet.


Our Zenith knives come with a 15 year guarantee against manufacturing faults. In the unlikely event that you do find fault with the workmanship or the materials within the guarantee period, Richardson Sheffield promise to repair or replace it free of charge.

Ceramic knives are likely to break if dropped. Damage as a result of dropping or misusing the knife is not covered by this guarantee.