At Richardson Sheffield we live and breathe knives and pride ourselves on being knife experts.

We are proud of our reputation as a leading British brand and it is our mission to make beautiful, top quality knife designs that are accessible and affordable to all.

Since 1839, we’ve been shaping the global knife market with our iconic and pioneering designs. From the creation of the first wooden knife block in the 1960’s, to our revolutionary ‘never needs sharpening’ Laser technology in 1979, we continually strive to bring new and innovative products to market.

Our rich heritage boasts unparalleled expertise and unsurpassed specialist knowledge. Our name is synonymous with uncompromising quality, leading edge design and technological innovation.

Our Guarantee to you

All our products are crafted from the finest quality materials to bring you long lasting performance and guaranteed durability.

You’ll notice that all our knives come with exceptionally long guarantees (some have lifetime guarantees). That’s how confident we are in the quality.

If something doesn’t come up to scratch then we’ll gladly change it, but we’re not expecting to hear from you any time soon!