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V Sabatier


For chefs the quality of their knives must be without question. In the heat of the professional kitchen, reliability, precision and performance are the high standards they demand and expect. Sabatier knives have long been known as a benchmark for professional quality knives worldwide.

V Sabatier is an original Sabatier brand which can be traced back to the widow of one of the founders of the Sabatier knife manufacturing industry in the Thiers region of France, and we are proud to be members of the Association for the Protection of the Sabatier name.







The 1839 collection celebrates Richardson Sheffield’s expertise and heritage by returning knife design and manufacturing to the heart of the steel industry. Each knife in this luxury range has been 100% made in Sheffield by master craftsmen, and hand finished to exacting quality standards. Named after the year that Richardson Sheffield first began manufacturing knives in Sheffield, the 1839 collection celebrates the craftsmanship of the past, and helps to ensure that knife making in Sheffield is kept alive and well for the future.







Expertly hand crafted from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus Steel, this knife represents the peak of perfection. Meticulously folded and forged to create a blade of exceptional quality and absolute beauty.





Zenith Ceramic



The peak of cutting perfection! Lightweight and ultra sharp, Zenith knives slice with real ease and precision. The unique qualities of the ceramic ensure the blades retain their sharpness and keep their ice white appearance for longer than steel knives.






A range of accessories to help keep your knives both safe and in prime condition.